Hamvention – Dayton , 2007

PA3ABH & PA3ANG visiting the Hamvention in 2007.

Every HAM operator should visit the Hamvention once (or more) in his live. So we decided to do and hoped for good weather. It’s seems that Ohio has more rainfall then all other states in the US especially in May. Anyhow we took a plane from Amsterdam to Philadelphia en from there to Dayton.

Arriving in Philadelphia in sunsine but departing towards Dayton after heavy thunderstorns and closure of the airport. Stress all over the place but we where the lucky guys to have the last seats on an other plane, as originally planned, bringing us to Dayton.  During our stay at the airport we met already a lot of other HAM operators.

(just wear your cap and people ‘recognize’ you)

We stayed in the Howard Johnson Express Inn and had a hired car to move about.

We had on extra day before the start of the Hamvention, so we could reconocance the area and find out where to go the next day. Lot’s of impressions for to Dutch guys in the big United States.

On Friday we went up early and where amongst the first people to enter the Hara Arena. You can find pictures of our stay below in this post. Some highlights:

  • QSL Card checking
  • Nice people (and robots)
  • Great equipment on sale
  • Stange looking HAM operators
  • A lot of junk outside
  • Big hamburgers
  • A large venue inside and ouside
  • Easy to get lost
  • Very pleasent conversations
  • 90% US and just a few Dutchmen seen

To complete this blog here a short movie. On our way to the venue and listening to the local repeater.

On Sunday we went to Colombus, the capital and largest city in Ohio. A nice city but nothing to do on a Sunday morning!

The travel back to the Netherlands went more smoothly than our trip a copule of days before. We came home with a lot of new ideas and we took with us impressions of a happening every HAM operator should experience in his live.

And now the pictures (click on the picture to make them bigger) 🙂