• D-Star near Lac de Annecy

    A D-Star experience while on holiday. This summer I have spend my holidays in the French Alps at Lake Annecy. We had parked the family on the south border of the lake and where surrounded by mountains. Grotere kaart weergeven On the way to the final destination, we could already use the D-Star repeater HB9IAC […]

    Aug 20th, 2009 | Filed under D-STAR
  • Elecraft KX1 – extreme portable qrv on Curacao Island.

    Introduction The Elecraft KX1 is an extreme versatile, ultra-light and powerfull HAM Radio transceiver. I took it with me during a short holiday to the Netherlands Antilles in March 2008. The KX1 has an onboard antenna tuner and with the transceiver you can transmit CW with the bulid in keyer. My KX1 is configured to […]

    Apr 12th, 2008 | Filed under QRP
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